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Celebrate the eradication of wild poliovirus in the African region and support essential immunization efforts to continue the fight against all forms of polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases. 

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Below are a series of messages you can use on social media to celebrate the end of wild poliovirus in the WHO African Region and to encourage others to keep up the momentum for global polio eradication. Browse the tweets and pair them with a graphic above. The messages have been formatted for Twitter, but we encourage you to adapt them for your own needs and audiences. 

Certification Day

Today, history is being made. @WHOAFRO is certified wild polio-free, & we invite you to be a part of this monumental occasion! This wouldn’t have been possible without the strong leadership & commitment by countries across the region. #EndPolio 


The last case of wild poliovirus in the @WHOAFRO Region was in 2016. Today, all 47 countries are being certified wild polio-free. A major step 👟 in the global fight to #EndPolio. #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio

In 1996, 75,000 children were paralysed for life each year by wild poliovirus in the @WHOAFRO Region. In 2020, wild poliovirus is wiped out of @WHOAFRO and is only present in 2 countries in the 🌍. #EndPolio

History was made today, as the @WHOAFRO Region was certified wild polio-free. Thank you to the donors, governments, health workers and communities that made this achievement possible. #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio #EndPolio

35 Years of Commitment

In 1996, Nelson Mandela and @Rotary launched a campaign to eradicate polio from Africa. 24 years later, the continent is officially free from wild poliovirus! #EndPolio 📰: https://bit.ly/31fRX98

#DYK that 9 billion oral polio vaccines have been administered since 1996 in the @WHOAFRO Region? That’s 375 million vaccines a year, averaging 1 million vaccines a day! This tremendous effort made declaring the region wild polio-free possible! #EndPolio #VaccinesWork

Over the last 3 decades, African countries have worked together to stop wild polio outbreaks in hard to reach areas, preventing 1.8 million polio cases since 1996. Today, we celebrate the success of those efforts, certifying @WHOAFRO wild polio-free! #EndPolio #VaccinesWork

Leaders from all 47 countries in the @WHOAFRO Region have worked together over the past 24 years to kick wild polio out of the region. Thanks to this commitment, history was made today! 💪🏿 #EndPolio #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio

Keeping up the Momentum

Certifying the @WHOAFRO Region free from wild poliovirus is a reason to celebrate today. Tomorrow we will continue the work to make sure every child everywhere is safe from the threat of this crippling disease for good. 



Even though the Africa region has successfully been certified wild polio-free, the work is still not done. We must maintain high immunization coverage and that starts with you!

Take action now & take the Immunization Pledge: AfricaKicksOutWildPolio.com/take-action

Join leading African voices and take the Immunization Pledge to help spread awareness about the importance of vaccination. #VaccinesWork #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio 

Take action now and spread the word: AfricaKicksOutWildPolio.com/take-action

Communities united to #endPolio

Who are the frontline workers who made certifying @WHOAFRO wild polio-free possible? They are vaccinators, activists, community mobilizers, teachers, nurses, imams, priests, community elders and local leaders, shopkeepers, parents and countless others. #EndPolio

Women make up some 90% of vaccination teams 👩🏿‍⚕‍ in parts of Africa – helping build community trust and making a wild polio-free continent possible. #EndPolio

The last case of wild poliovirus was in Borno state in Nigeria. The victory over this crippling disease shows what is possible when leaders and communities come together and commit to protecting children from vaccine-preventable diseases. #EndPolio 📰: https://bit.ly/327F5kN 

Those working to #EndPolio throughout @WHOAFRO have widespread expertise. From virologists to epidemiologists to outbreak response coordinators to community organizers. Their courage, innovation and creativity has driven lifesaving solutions. 

Traveling great lengths to #EndPolio

In order to kick wild polio out of @WHOAFRO, frontline workers traveled by any means of transport necessary including 🚌🚣‍ and 👟 to vaccinate children in hard-to-access areas.  #EndPolio 

📰:  https://bit.ly/3f4CuMM

Vaccinators in @WHOAFRO work tirelessly to reach children 👶🏾. They travel hours by canoe to the many islands of Lake Chad and move quickly to vaccinate children in insecure areas in Nigeria. Their courage has helped the region become wild polio-free! #EndPolio

Volunteer polio vaccinators navigate slippery cliffs in Ethiopia, brave the destruction caused by cyclones in Mozambique & cross national parks with dangerous wildlife in Zambia to reach children. Thanks to these heroic efforts, today #AfricaKicksOutWildPolio 

Tangomo Tansia is one of thousands of health workers who have vaccinated millions of children against polio in some of the most remote areas of the DRC. Learn more about their incredible journeys here. #EndPolio


📰: https://bit.ly/2CLfbdZ 

The Polio Program legacy

In Africa, the polio program’s efforts to #EndPolio contributed to broader health goals along the way. Learn more about the 7 ways the polio program helped build stronger health systems across the region. 📰:



The polio program has been a 🔑 partner in developing disease surveillance systems across Africa that include laboratories, sewage monitoring networks and trained health workers. Learn more about this infrastructure here. #EndPolio 📰: 


The fight to #EndPolio requires knowing where the virus is, and how it is spreading. The polio laboratory 🔬 network and vast disease surveillance network across the African region made the victory over wild poliovirus possible!


The polio program’s massive infrastructure in Africa and expertise in vaccination campaigns, disease surveillance, social mobilization and outbreak response are playing a critical role in responding to #COVID19. #EndPolio 📰https://bit.ly/31gP9ZA 

5 tech innovations have been 🔑 in the fight to end wild polio in @WHOAFRO, including a mobile app 📱, digital modeling and more. Read about it here 📰: 



Share The Certificate of Eradication

Celebrate those who helped end wild polio virus in the African region by distributing the official Africa Kicks Out Wild Polio certificate. Share on social media or print out a copy to honor the survivors, heroes and champions that have contributed to this moment in history.

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